Printure provide a unique photo experience for your event, we like to call ourselves the photo booth of the social media generation. By having your guests use a particular hashtag (that you’ve chosen) when they post their photos to Instagram and Twitter, they’ll get prints of their posts within seconds!


Photo booths are often big, bulky and not the most attractive thing to have at a party, event or celebration. The novelty can often wear off quickly too, especially when your guests are left with photos they’re not exactly happy with. As your guests are in total control of every step , you’re guaranteed they’re going to get photos they like.

You find that every awesome idea has a story behind it, so here’s ours!

Printure is the brain child of two friends, David and James and was created over a beer in Revolución de Cuba in Manchester. David told James all about his photo booth idea, before the two headed off for a mid-week night out.


Over the next few months, when the two got together conversation always turned to the idea and they took over family takeaways, BBQs and parties until one day when they were finalising their ideas over the phone and it hit them, “we’ve got something awesome here!”


The Brains


The Muscle


The Beauty