• Do I really get unlimited prints?

    You certainly do! Your guests can print as many photos as they want as often as they want. If you’d prefer, we can limit the number of photos each guest can print or increase how many copies of each photo are printed.


  • I don’t use Instagram/Twitter, will this be an issue?

    Not at all, as long as your friends have accounts on either social network they’ll be able to print photos. If you’d like to get involved and get your own photos printed, just sign up for an account before your big day or one of the Printure attendants at your event can take photos for you.


  • My Instagram/Twitter are private, can I still hire you?

    Yes, but in order to print photos, you’ll need to make it public before you post. Don’t worry you can make it private again once youe photo has begun to print, usually within seconds.


  • What hashtag do I need to use?

    Before your event, we’ll confirm all of the details including the hashtag you’d like to use. We recommend something unique to you and your event so only your guests will think to use it.


  • What payment methods are available?

    When paying your deposit, we accept Credit and Debit card online, in-person, bank transfer and cash.


    When it comes to paying your balance, we accept the same payment methods but can also set up a monthly Direct Debit with a payment amount or number of payments to suit you. With all payment methods, balances must be paid two weeks before your event.

  • My event’s been cancelled. What do I do?

    Oh no! Just get in touch and we’ll be able to cancel your booking. Please note, deposits are non-refundable and if you’ve paid the balance of your event, you may lose some or all of your total cost depending on why and how close to your event you cancel.


  • Is your set up time included in what I’ve booked?

    No, we’ll set up and pack away in our time.

  • Does my venue need any specific facilities?

    All we need is a small area to set up near one plug socket. We bring everything else with us.

  • #AskForAngela

    Not having a great night in a venue where Printure are working? Ask one of our team for Angela and we’ll sort you out with a safe way to get home. #AskForAngela is a national campaign that works to ensure that people on nights out are never in a position where they feel vulnerable or worried. Check out more information on the Greater Manchester Police website.

  • I’d like to hire you for my child’s birthday party?

    While we love to make sure everyone can have the experience of Printure at their event, we’re unable to attend events that are booked to celebrate a birthday of anyone under the age of 13. This includes events where the majority of attendees will be under the age of 13. This is to coincide with Instagram's Terms and Conditions and to ensure we’re able to do what we can to safeguard our clients and customers.


    At events where we’re taking photos for you and your guests, we’re unable to take and post photos of anyone under the age of 18.


  • I need a copy of my Terms of Hire

    For most bookings, our Terms of Hire are generic and a copy of them is available here. If we've discussed Terms of Hire specific to your event, you'll need to get in touch to request a copy.